Yan Gi Cheng
Poetics of Trash

05 APR - 07 APR 2019

We are living in a time of ecological tipping points, more than ever conscious of the distastrous global legacy of Enlightenment modernity. The origin of the current environmental crisis is located in our fundamental relation to the natural and material world around us. Historically nature and its resources have been treated as something to be exploited and commercialised. Therefore, what we need is a manifesto that will re-conceptualise our relation to materiality and the environment. The works in this exhibition aim to find solutions to contemporary social and ecological concerns. Working within a diverse use of materials, visual constructions, sustainable strategies and conceptual manoeuvres; with environmental activism at the heart of these explorations. Materials were locally sourced in Berlin so as to reduce the carbon burning foot print, and are either recycled, water based or biodegradable.


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