Veronique Homann
Money of Bullshit

11 OCT - 13 OCT 2019

The eleven-part interview series "MONEY OF BULLSHIT" by Veronique Homann is picking up the Throbbing Gristle questionnaire which came as a insert to their 1977 album "Second Annual Report" (Industrial Records) and consists of 39 (un-)related TG questions. It is up to the interviewees whether the questions are answered (and how so) or not. The main focus is to collect information of (non-)sense. The exhibition is the result of this undertaking in eleven-fold execution.

ft. Wolfgang Müller, Peter Råberg, Thor Harris, Helena Hauff, The Space Lady, Monster Rally, Tim Presley, Damo Suzuki, Aldous Harding, Textor, und Bernd Wand.

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