© Philipp Ackermann and Das Giftraum

Blue clouds
Digital painting printed on fabric
40 x 30 cm unframed
42.5 x 32.5 cm framed

“My recent artworks are driven by the need for flexibility in space and time and to disengage myself from a studio or workspace. To gain all these qualities, I started in 2017 to use a portable painting app that allows me to paint wherever and whenever I want.

Even though I have deliberately chosen to work with a limited selection of digital tools and brushes, this method has expanded the vocabulary in my paintings. It empowers me to transfer impressions from outside and inside straight onto the digital surface where I create dreamlike settings inspired by nature and architecture. Geometric shapes become gates leading into cloudlike landscapes, crossed by brushstrokes imitating the movement of a bird.

Inspired by Japanese ink paintings and artists such as Blinky Palermo and Günther Förg, simplicity in composition and visualization of figurative objects remains a significant principle in my paintings.

The advantage of working with layers and the option to arrange, duplicate and revise, makes it possible to handle a repertoire of forms and gestures with ease, just like a quick drawing in a painter’s sketchbook. Although creating my works digitally, they always remain a reflection on the essential qualities of painting.”

Philipp Ackermann, 2020