Miranda Holmes
Do Nothing Without Intention

 14 JUN - 16 JUN 2019

“My current work explores value judgements surrounding the idea of progress. While my previous work celebrated self-sufficiency and solitude, particularly from a female perspective, my current drawings and paintings poke fun at values of self-improvement and question the logic of work. Revolving around a tension between the solitary and the multitude, or the enclosed body versus the capacity for transcendent empathy, my work expresses my own process of beginning to distrust ingrained values of work and progress. These ideas stem from influences picked up from living in Berlin, texts such as Hito Steyerl's "In Defense of the Poor Image", as well as a political urgency to denounce the myth of the Lone Wolf or the growing isolationism of the U.S. Often using humor as a subversive tool, I indulge in the pleasure of making which drives my practice.”


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