© Myriam Perrot and Das Giftraum

Two pointy heads

Painted ceramics
4,5cm (h) x 2cm (d) x 2,5 cm (w)

Myriam Perrot is a French-Swiss artist based in Berlin since 2015. Her work is informed by a multidisciplinary engagement that finds its roots in an original training in set design and anthropology. Driven by an obsession for aesthetic refinement, her installations (ceramics) and illustrations inquire into the nature of spaces and materialities. Inspired by the places she inhabits and remembers, her work explores a threshold found between rationalised space and imaginary worlds.

These small ceramic heads have been a guiding thread in Myriam Perrot’s work for the last two years, with "Two pointy heads" resulting from the development of a larger series crafted during the ongoing lockdown. As much as conveying a subconscious play around symbolic associations, the miniature heads act as repeated attempts to compensate for experienced feelings of isolation.