Das Giftraum is an independent exhibition space which hosts exhibitions and projects by international and Berlin based artists. We primarily provide the space to artists in the early stages of their career, although internationally renowned artists such as Douglas Gordon have also presented work in the space. The room was a former darts club inside the Kneipe Das Gift in Neukölln, and is entirely funded by the profits from the bar.

Open since 2011, the space has been used to display a wide variety of media including painting, photography, film and slide projections, sound installations, poetry, dance and performance, as well as book and magazine launches and pop-up tattoo parlours. Exhibitions are installed for one weekend, giving each exhibition and the program as a whole a special intensity. The intersection of bar and exhibition space creates new context and meaning for the space and the work.

Submissions to:

Das Giftraum
Donaustrasse 119
12043 Berlin, Germany

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Alice Morey – Performing States of Hidden Earth (2018)