23 AUG - 25 AUG 2019

"Never is one more certain of reality than if it is an illusion, because then it is reality by inner consent, you willfully consent in such a way that you attain fulfillment, it is perfect: in certain dreams, only reality creates not the impression of reality - it does not really stop at her, it leaves too much freedom to look elsewhere ... "
(from: Henri Michaux:" Turbulence at infinity ")

On display are photographs, paintings, sculptures and drawings by 7 artists living in Berlin, who deal in different ways with themes such as mysticism, spirituality, spiritual worlds and other individual references to the supposed realities of today.


Milena Bühring, Leo Faulhaber, Moritz Haase, Michael Hazel,
Frank Jimin Hopp, Dorothea Müller, Laura Suryani Thedja

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