Emily Morey
What’s French for ‘Bare Necessities’?

25 JUL - 28 JUL 2019

Emily Morey’s paintings are investigations into dream-like realities, exploring a layered sense of experience, where the subconscious, spiritual life and present reality co-exist in a tapestry of colour and line. Driven by the existence of other dimensions that as humans we seek to comprehend. Without reaching a conclusion, she is compelled to paint and beneath the surface lies wonders, questions, dreams and contradictions of our everyday life.

She finds a sense of understanding through painting and living nomadically. Through an organic process she explores internal rhythms, colour harmonies and ‘taking a line for a walk’. When given a starting point the line and colour can freely venture anywhere, as in life, as in her paintings. With an automatic hand she creates a dance that evolves and changes its tune throughout the surface of the canvas, only then can the line and colour truly echo her surroundings and allude to the unknown and our serendipity with nature.


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