Double Double Project

01 FEB - 03 FEB 2019

United by existential dread, DESTINY USA circulates the remnants of late-stage capitalism, everything from the impossible to achieve dreams to stifled sexual identities. In a chaos of sound, the gallery is illuminated by Eric D. Charlton’s eerie infinite laugh track of found footage from American public radio as Amanda Struver’s karaoke machine invites the viewer to experience the desire for a moment of glory. Perry Burlingame’s vinyl images of repressed early 2000’s adolescent sexuality and Jeremy Tarr’s photographs from a dilapidated post-industrial home vacant of any personality immediately surround the sound with moments of critical nostalgia. Cait Finley’s unearthly drawings of a potential apocalypse and Jack Honeysett’s video of a driver swiping through their phone in an idling car suggest an attempt at a reprieve from the chaos surrounding the mundane. Rebecca Forstater’s animations of house plants taking on the smiles of political spouses and pitching multi-level marketing schemes, create the final link of the hellish feedback loop of the group’s conversation in DESTINY USA.


Eric D. Charlton, Amanda Struver, Perry Burlingame, Jeremy Tarr,
Cait Finley, Jack Honeysett, Rebecca Forstater

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