© Alice Morey and Das Giftraum

Vine and Balls

24 x 36 cm unframed

These monoprints are part of a series of one-off prints made by painting on flat sheets of plexiglass which were then put through a traditional printing press. Alice made use of this technique during the last lockdown, inspired by the nature and odd objects she was inhabiting. 

Born in 1986, Alice Morey is a Berlin and London-based interdisciplinary artist, with an MA from Chelsea College of Art, London and a BA in painting from the University of Brighton. She is represented by Lehmann + Silva in Porto. She is the founder and curator of an alternative collaborative art residency, Countdown Grabowsee (Globe Gallery), organised every summer in an abandoned sanatorium north of Berlin. Morey often works collaboratively and is part of four active collectives: Portland (UK), TEETH (UK/DE), Puppetmaster with artist/activist Zwek (DE) & Data Blood with artist Emily Mulenga (UK/DE)

“Morey is interested in the passage of time. She finds beauty in decay and contrasts it with pain. She has been juxtaposing natural and artificial materials for years in order to explore the concept of change. Her performative work could be compared to rituals, as she undertakes actions charged with symbolism in a ceremonial tone. She acts either as an alchemist or a contemporary witch who manipulates natural processes. The artist explores the creativity behind rituals and their role in the historical and cultural processes which underlie our society.”
(Extract from a recent interview written for HIT² by curator and Sotheby’s alumni Luz Hitters: