© Alana Richards and Das Giftraum

Study of a Male
Oil on canvas
60cm x 50cm

Drawing from an eclectic range of influences and rich experiences, Richards' work is focused on portraiture, and an interest that lies in capturing the soul of her subject as well as revealing subtle insights into herself at that junction of time.

Her initial photo sessions for each new work are a vital part of the process, as a close interaction with the subject sparks initial ideas, which are drawn and then painted with oil. She is inspired by a wide range of styles and artists, from German Expressionism to the classical paintings of the Old masters. Her paintings are classically composed, but the result has a freshness that is decidedly contemporary; layers are often built up and torn apart, only to be rebuilt again, often giving the subject a complex and hidden history within the frame.

Richards has exhibited her work widely throughout Europe, including Lazarides Gallery in the UK, and her work is in private collections worldwide. Public collections include the Museum Lendava in Slovenia.